Close-up Magic * Comedy Magic * Stage Hypnosis
Close-up/Strolling Magic
Close-up/Strolling Magic
An assortment of sleight-of-hand magic performed at the audience members' private tables or close proximity. Finger rings vanish only to be found on the magician's key chain. Sponge balls leave the magician's hand and enter the volunteer's closed fist. The volunteers signed card continues to return to the magician's pocket despite it being replaced in the deck time and time again. Coins mysteriously assemble themselves though initially separated. Chosen cards reverse themselves while the deck remains in the box. Numerous other close-up effects involving contstant audience involvement. Bryan McDaniel's personal style of close-up magic is a mixture of amazement and humor. Your guests will leave with a sense of wonder, but most of all, entertained.
Comedy Stage Magic
A platform performance which combines visual comedy, wit, and magic. Audience participation is required in the form of volunteers who come on stage to assist in making the magic happen. Magician fails at discovering the volunteer's chosen card before finding it in GRAND fasion. Jumbo cards mysteriously change while the audience looks on in amazement. Volunteer attempts to locate a card by firing a pistol at a target, only to destroy the magician's props. Audience members are interogated while wearing the ever knowing "lie detector helmet" (upside-down colander worn on the spectator's head which lights and buzzes when they tell less than the truth.) Hilarious "Magician's Snake" routine where the "heck" is scared out of an unsuspecting volunteer. Various other platform tricks which are added, or deleted to meet the specific requests and needs of your event. Bryan McDaniel's comedy stage magic is a continuous array of comedy and magical effects. Your audience will not stop laughing!
Stage Hypnosis "Fun"
Stage Hypnosis Show
A platform or stage presentation which involves audience volunteers who truly become "Stars of the Show". Recommended for groups of more than 100, anywere from 10 to 20 volunteers are invited to the stage and succumb to the trance-like state induced by the hypnotist.  Specializing in shows for the military to deliver a drinking and driving message ( DUI ) for safety stand-downs.  Bryan has performed for the Marine Corps, the Army and the Navy worldwide to deliver an entertaining show with a powerful message.  Locations have included, 29 Palms, CA; MCAS Miramar; MCB Hawaii; NAS Lemoore, CA; NAS Oceana, MCB Camp Pendleton, CA; MCB Camp Lejeune, NC;  8th and I; Henderson Hall, Washington D.C.; MCB Quantico; MCAS Futemna, Okinawa, Japan; Baghdad, Iraq; MCAS Yuma; Fort Bragg, NC; NAB Little Creek, VA; MCAS New River, NC; Naval Base Coronado, CA; MCRD San Diego; Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, NC; and many, many more.